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Welcome to Beaconsfield Primary School

Welcome to Beaconsfield Primary School

Beaconsfield Primary School was founded in 1883. In 1954 an area school was built which later
became the Primary School. Beaconsfield is a mining town and community centre established
over 100 years ago. Vestiges of its past are evident in its buildings and layout.

Beaconsfield Primary School serves a wide community, encompassing the towns of Beaconsfield,
Beauty Point, Clarence Point, Greens Beach and surrounding areas.

In 2010 a redevelopment included two new buildings on the school site; a Library for use by
students and members of the community, and a Child and Family Learning Centre used by
parents and young children from the Beaconsfield community. In 2023, our School Hall was
refurbished, providing students with an inviting learning environment with increased space and
flexibility of use.

It is now a mix of old and new buildings that enjoys attractive and spacious grounds including a
heated indoor pool, basketball and netball courts, a student and community developed vegetable
garden and a music room which provides a variety of learning opportunities for our students.
At Beaconsfield Primary School our mission is ‘Every Learner, Every Day’. Our values of Connection,
Courage, Growth, Respect and Responsibility are what guide us on who we need to be for bright
lives and positive futures.

The school is highly valued and supported by the community. We actively seek ways
to enhance student learning and wellbeing by partnering with parents and families,
other education and training institutions, local businesses and community
organisations. Parents and families are recognised as integral members of the school
community and partners in their children’s education.

The school applies its resources (staff time, expertise, funds, facilities, materials) in a
targeted manner to meet the learning and wellbeing needs of all students. We have
school-wide policies, practices and programs in place to assist in identifying and
addressing student needs. Our team of dedicated staff work hard to ensure that
students achieve high levels of learning. We pride ourselves as a school on an
atmosphere that is friendly, inclusive and a happy place for children and families to
grow and learn together.

We believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life and that a high
quality education can precipitate just that.

Daisy Stephens